EDesigns Studio

Our Services

Site visit


It all starts with visiting the site for a detailed inspection. Site visit helps to develop a preliminary visualization of the project.

Layout Preparation


Preparing the blueprint of the plant, process chart and flow diagrams improves operations, minimizes material handling and allows flexibility.

As built Layouts


These drawings help to study the existing dimensions of the space properly. It helps us to compare the visualizations with the final specifications.

Floor Plans & Working Drawings


Rolling out floor plans and working drawings simplify the execution process as well as facilitates ease in understanding of the plan.

Design Mood Boards


Once the plans are set, visuals are created to communicate the essence of the idea in a better way.

3D Renders


Advertising concepts and ideas with the help of 3D visuals and images.

Architectural Elevations


Illustrating a building or specific portion of the building here for an overall idea of the project.

Curating Artworks


Looking out & selecting the artworks for various interior requirements of the space.

Furnishing Consultancy


Guiding the client with regards to what type of furnishing to go for and which theme could be followed.

Preliminary Estimates


The final step is to provide a budget draft that gives an overall understanding of the financial spend to the client.